ClipperVision FAQs

Last updated Feb 2024
I just subscribed to ClipperVision, how do I access my Bally Sports+ subscription that comes with it? 

Upon signing up for ClipperVision, you should receive an email from Bally Sports with the details of your subscription. If not, please reach out to our support team at

Do I need to pay extra for the Bally Sports+ subscription?

Access to Bally Sports+ is complimentary with your ClipperVision subscription.

What do I get with my Bally Sports+ subscription?

In addition to live streams and replays of local Clippers games, you will also receive local teams broadcast by Bally’s such as the Anaheim Ducks.

What games are available for viewing via Bally Sports+?

Most broadcasts of the Clippers are available to stream and replay with the Bally Sports+ app. Nationally broadcasted games are blacked out and only available to watch on the designated national broadcast network. Select local games are blocked from Bally Sports and will need to be streamed through ClipperVision via the NBA app.

Can I access my Bally Sports+ subscription anywhere?

While you will be able to open the app anywhere, access to live streams and replays are set to play only in your home zip code. If you travel 50+ miles outside of your home zip code, local rights are triggered and you will have 30 days to view programming before you must return to your home zip code. For more information see “What are local rights?”

For more information about ClipperVision, please visit their FAQ page here.