How do I use promo codes for Bally Sports+?

Last updated Dec 2023

Please follow the below mentioned steps to apply and redeem a promo code:

Your home zip code determines what content is available for you to stream. 

1. Visit and verify that the detected zip code matches your Home zip code.

If the detected zip code does not match your Home zip code, please edit the zip code to match your Home zip code. Your first stream must occur in your Home Zip Code. Once matching, then click “SEE PACKAGES."

2. Select the applicable Package (for example: Bally Sports Southwest, Base Package) and correct Term (for example: Monthly).

Please note your promo code will not work if you select another Package or term option that is specified for the code. A monthly code will only work for a monthly term, a seasonal code will only work for a season pass, and annual will only work for the annual term.

3. Click on the button below (I.e. “Start Free Trial” or "Get Bally Sports+) and complete the sign-up process. If you are already signed in, that call to action will take you to the Checkout screen.


If you do not already have a Bally Sports account or are not logged in, you must sign up or login before purchase. 


4. On the Checkout screen, under “PACKAGE SUMMARY,” there is a field to enter a Promo Code. The field says "PROMO CODE."

5. Enter the promo code in the box and click on “CONFIRM”. Promo codes are case sensitive. The promo code will be applied. You will see green text above the field that provides details into your promo code. 

7. Finish subscribing by entering your “CARD INFORMATION” and accepting the terms. 

8. Finally, select “SUBSCRIBE NOW”.