What is the Season Pass?

Last updated Oct 2023
How do I purchase the Season Pass?

The Season Pass is only available for purchase via the web (www.ballysports.com). When you visit www.ballysports.com, select the packages button at the top of the page. On the “packages page,” enter your zip code and select the Season Pass option. You will then continue through the sign-up and billing process.

How long is the Season Pass available?
The Season Pass will provide access to your available teams throughout the NBA and NHL regular season and select postseason games.

What do I get with the Season Pass?
Fans have been wanting more flexibility with their Bally Sports+ subscription and we’re excited to offer a Season Pass for the NBA/NHL season starting this September! With the all-new Season Pass option, you will be billed just for the season and get access to your favorite NBA/NHL team(s).

Can I purchase the Season Pass if I am a current Bally Sports+ subscriber?
Yes. You can select the Season Pass in the Subscriptions section of the account settings.

  1. If you are switching from a monthly subscription, you will be refunded the prorated days remaining of your subscription.
  2. If you are switching from an annual subscription, you will be refunded the prorated months remaining on your subscription.

Why is the Season Pass $140.99 for Southwest and not $124.99 like other regions?
We aim to offer our customers Bally Sports+ at a price that reflects the value of the content and product experience they receive. Sometimes this leads to different prices across regions.

I want to sign up for Bally Sports+ on my favorite device. How do I go about doing that?
The Season Pass is only available on the Packages page at ballysports.com/packages. If you are interested in purchasing the Season Pass, go to ballysports.com/packages, enter your zip code to see if you qualify. From there, you'll select the Season Pass option and continue through to the sign-up and billing process. You will then be able to sign-in and view your local games from your desired device.

Why don’t I see the Season Pass as an option?
Bally Sports+ provides access to local teams based on your home zip code and the Season Pass is available in all Bally Sports regions. If you do not see the Season Pass as an option, Bally Sports+ is not available at your home location.

Can I still purchase a Season Pass midway through the season? Will I have to pay the same amount?
The Season Pass is meant to provide access to your local teams throughout the NBA and NHL regular season and select postseason games. As the season progresses, fewer games are available to watch. Thus, we will periodically lower the Season Pass price in order to provide you with the most value for the content.

Why is there not a bundle Season Pass offered?
We want to provide you with a wide variety of subscription offerings that provide you value in watching your favorite teams. We believe that our current bundled monthly subscription will provide the most value as a fan of those teams. We will continue to explore opportunities to provide greater flexibility in our subscription options.

Will the Season Pass be available for the MLB season?
We are planning to launch a Season Pass for that coincides with the MLB season in specific regions. Please check the Packages page around Spring Training to see if you are eligible for the Season Pass during the MLB season.